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Consortium for International Maritime Heritage

Official LIVE Worldwide Webcast
December 5-6, 2018 10 AM ET

Consortium for International Maritime Heritage Official LIVE Worldwide Webcast

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Webcast Event Contact
Dave Gardy
TV Inc.
(703) 961-9250 Ext. 221

Series Sponsor

Clay Maitland, Chairman


Consortium for International Maritime Heritage
Dedicated to Developing and Supporting Maritime Heritage and Industry

Official LIVE Webcast - December 5-6, 2018 10 AM ET
From Maritime TV Studios near Washington D.C.

Who are we?

The Consortium is dedicated to developing and supporting maritime heritage programming that can serve as focal points for a wide array of constituent groups to share culture values and experiences that shed light on how we are interconnected by the world’s oceans. Rediscovering the past through our shared maritime heritage allows us to collectively better navigate a sustainable future.

As a lead up to the Inaugural World Congress on Maritime in March, please plan to join the conversation about the importance of this event and its relevance.


Panel convened by the Consortium for International Maritime Heritage (CIMH):

Terry Garcia- CIMH Chairman and former EVP of National Geographic and  Assistant Secretary of Commerce

Carleen Lyden Walker- Founder and Secretary General, CIMH

Dan Basta- Former Director National Marine Sanctuary Program, NOAA- CIMH Advisory Board

Dr. Kevin Fewster, Director British National Maritime Museum, Greenwich

Ole Varner- International Section, NOAA Office of General Counsel

An interactive discussion about the 1st World Congress on Maritime Heritage and its relevance to the sustainability of maritime industries, heritage and education institutions, ocean exploration and users. Some of the topics will include:

* Global Perspectives of our shared maritime heritage; how maritime fuels commerce, tourism and Maritime Heritage in the global economy; Ocean Governance from the perspective of various stakeholders

* Defining and Understanding the Views and Evolution of Stakeholders in a changing world; how uses of the ocean over time have shaped our planet and connected humans; Past & Present: the evolution of the Maritime Silk Road

* Exploring new Maritime Heritage connections, opportunities, and strategies within regions for helping to support a sustainable future; the future of education outreach and engaging youth; the Blue Economy and Maritime Heritage

Wednesday, December 5th

2300-Beijing/Shanghai/Hong Kong/Singapore
1000-New York
0700-Los Angeles/Vancouver/Seattle

Thursday, December 6th


Where: Register for this FREE webinar

Why now?: To secure the sustainability of Maritime’s future.

Participants are encouraged to submit questions to the panelists.

Hope to have you as part of the conversation. Your voice and participation are important!

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Webcast Event Contact Information
Dave Gardy - TV Inc. - / (703) 961-9250 Ext. 221

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