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Life Planning for the Maritime Professional

An On-Demand Multi-Part Series on Maritime TV

Part 01: What is Life Planning for Maritime People?

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In this first program/blog in the series, Dr. Cartner defines a life plan for the maritime professional as the careful, systematic and regularly reviewed set of written or electronic documents which tend to guide a person’s life and to express plans for events which could or will or should happen. Cartner also states that a life plan then is not a luxury and that in a complex society it is a necessity for a stable, active, remunerative and healthy life.

Mr. Cartner's discussions with Mr. Gardy are not intended to provide any legal advice but are informational only. A person interested in estate planning should consult competent legal counsel before developing a comprehensive estate plan for him or herself and families.
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Life Planning for the Maritime Professional
An On-Demand 12-Part Series on Maritime TV

“Life Planning for the Maritime Professional” featuring information from Dr. John A.C. Cartner, maritime industry expert and Peter D. Wolf, both attorneys with the firm Cartner and Wolf, PLLC.

Both Dr. Cartner and Mr. Wolf are well-versed in life-planning, wills and trusts for the Maritime Professional. In this 12th edition in the series, Mr. Wolf and Mr. Cartner appear together the present a summary of life planning fundamentals for the maritime professional, as presented in the previous editions in this special Maritime TV “Life-Planning for the Maritime Professional” Series.

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