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Cyber-Skilled Mariner "Call-to Action" IV Live Webcast

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October 23, 1PM Eastern


October 23, 2020 Webcast Information

Cyber-Skilled Mariner "Call-to Action" IV (All Virtual Event)
October 23, 2020 / 1 PM ET

A follow-on event to the Cyber-Skilled Mariner "Call-to Action" III (All Virtual Event) held August 12, 2020,
Cyber-Skilled Mariner "Call-to Action" II (All Virtual Event) held May 19, 2020,
and the
Cyber-Skilled Mariner "Call-to Action" held in June 2019 at MITAGS-CLICK HERE.

With this "Call to Action", everyone should leave with a sense of urgency and action items to bring to their enterprise, along with a commitment to sharing this information with the Cyber-Skilled Mariner community. The goal is for the audience to acquire further knowledge of practical and actionable cybersecurity solutions. In particular, this event will focus on the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program with a key address from Katherine “Katie” Arrington currently is the Chief Information Security Officer, CISO(A) to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, ASD(A) responsible for providing a focused and streamlined governance approach and to provide a central coordination point and common compliance standard that serves to synchronize the various existing disparate cyber security efforts and standards across the Department, its Industrial Base and Supply Chain. To that end, industry representatives will provide lessons learned and solution options that can be leveraged to attain CMMC compliance.

1:00 PM      Opening Remarks: Daniel E. Turissini Chief Technology Officer (CTO) SPYRUS Solutions, Inc.
 Dave Gardy Executive Producer, Maritime TV
1:05 PM      Steve Hurt, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of The Crestridge Group LLC
Presentation: Affordable Cyber Security Compliance and Agility for Small Businesses
1:30 PM      Katherine “Katie” Arrington Chief Information Security Officer, CISO(A) to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, ASD(A)
Presentation: An Introduction to Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) and What it means for Federal Contractors in the Maritime Industry
2:00 PM      Harshal Patil Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, ABS Group
Remote Monitoring & Managed Services for Maritime
2:30 PM      Daniel E. Turissini Chief Technology Officer (CTO) SPYRUS Solutions, Inc.
Presentation: Hardware Roots of Trust for Mission Critical Surveillance and Information Sharing
Hardware Roots of Trust are vital for mission critical applications such as real time health monitoring of vessels, communication, other critical infrastructure, and homeland security.  Today’s network enabled IoT devices are vulnerable to intrusion, denial of services, and hijacking threats that can escalate to Distributed Denials of Service (DDOS) such as the well-publicized Trojan horse viruses and their variants.  The developments in the stationary world have been adapted and transformed to provide next generation features where advanced vehicle to vehicle (V2V) and vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communication and control capabilities.  The translation of technologies and protection from attack are equally important in the world of surveillance devices, ranging from UAVs, UUVs, through IP aware cameras and sensing devices. Perhaps most important, is threats to our electronic component supply chain and intellectual property. This presentation will explore how Hardware Root of Trust mechanisms provide remote trusted cryptographic module attestation to authoritative services, such as a certificate authority, that provides the highest level of confidence to assure proof of: 1) hardware key generation/ protection and 2) encrypted object destination at a specific FIPS and/or Common Criteria validated level. The presentation will walk through specific Industrial and Government use cases that show how enhanced cryptographic MFA and encryption, offered by Hardware Root of Trust, provides the highest levels of confidence in IoT communications and cost effectively mitigates all too common threats.




Webcast Event Contact Information
Dave Gardy - TV Inc. - [email protected] / (703) 961-9250

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