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AMMV Dinner: Appreciation Plaques

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Thursday, September 23rd: 6:00pm - 9:00pm ET


18:00 Kick off with welcome sentiments w/ M.C. Capt. Dru DiMattia (3 min); Introduction of WWII Vets (15 min) 
18:18-18:20 Color Guard presents Colors (5 min) 
18:25 Dr Willie Jolly - video; National Anthem (5 min) 
18:30 Invocation (WWII Mariner Bob Ross – AMMV Chaplin) – (5 min) 
18:35 Traditional Play of “HEAVE HO” by America’s Sweethearts (5 min) 
18:40 Dinner Served, Congressional Videos playing – Pelosi, Garamendi, Raskin, Green, Murkowski. ~ (15min) 
19:10 Introduce Tomaczek B. – and song; introduced as final table is served entrée (10 min) 
19:20 Birthday tribute to all of our WWII Mariners by America’s Sweethearts (5min) & presentation of cake 
19:25 Baltimore Navy League Council; Col. Alan Walden (5 min) 
19:30 Great Lakes Maritime (RADM G. Achenbach) & USCG NMC (Capt. Bradley Clare) NMC Military/Maritime approval signing (5 min) 
19:35 Mulzac Tribute (30 min); MMP officials to speak; MARAD speaks; shadow box presentation; Henry Mulzac to say a few words 
20:05 Introduce ADM Mark Buzby; (5 min)
20:10 Buzby introduces Acting Maritime Administrator, Lucinda Lessley. MARAD presides over the unveiling of the CGM designs (20 min) 
20:30 AMMV gives thanks with Appreciation plaques to MMP & MITAGS for support of our “Storm the Hill” efforts (5 min) 
20:35 AMP’s award to AMMV honoring (5 min) & 50/50 drawing (Centenarian) WWII Mariner to draw the ticket
20:40 Introduce Rita Cosby – her advocacy and relentless support to all Veterans (15min) 
20:55 Rita Introduces Keynote Speaker – Dave Yoho! 
22:00 Ceremony concludes with Dave Yoho’s tribute
22:00 All hands invited to Hospitality Room – 8 South


Webcast Event Contact Information
Dave Gardy - TV Inc. - [email protected] / (703) 961-9250

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