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Revitalizing the Merchant Marine

based on the lessons learned from the latter part of the 20th century

Historical Perspective- Maritime Unions Support Reagan's 1st Campaign

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Maritime TV is pleased to announce that, after a brief absence, back by popular demand after his first in a series of 4 interviews on Maritime TV is Author Mike Balzano in the 2nd in the four part series on Revitalizing the Merchant Marine, based on the lessons learned from the latter part of the 20th century when he served as an advisor to several U.S. Presidents in support of Jesse Calhoon, then President of the MEBA. In this second program in the series, Balzano takes us back to Ronald Reagan’s first campaign for president when Balzano was brought on as a labor advisor and details how Reagan was so concerned about the state of the U.S. Merchant Marine, that he issued his own ‘Program for the Development of an Effective Maritime Strategy’. When Reagan went even further to declare that his administration would be a “Jones Act Administration”, the National Maritime Union (NMU) actually withdrew its endorsement of Jimmy Carter and then endorsed Reagan. Other unions like the MEBA soon fo
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The opinions expressed by Mike Balzano in the ‘Revitalizing The Merchant Marine’ Video Series are the opinions of Mike Balzano and do not necessarily reflect the views of the staff and management of Maritime TV, or its parent network, TV Worldwide, Inc.
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