Clay Maitland, Chairman


Clay Comments on the Current State of the Jones Act and the Upcoming Jones Act Shipping Forum Event in September

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In this 104th edition in the series, Clay is interviewed at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, New York just after the graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2017 where he was a VIP guest. He comments on the current state of the Jones Act in the Trump administration and the TradeWinds Jones Act Shipping Forum Event that MMPC will be sponsoring in Washington D.C. on September 28th. (Please note this interview was recorded prior to the current issues surrounding an executive order that President Trump considered, requiring 100% of U.S. food aid to be transported on U.S.-flagged ships which, at press time, had been dropped after members of Congress protested.)
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The opinions expressed by Clay Maitland in the ‘Mondays with Maitland’ Video Series are the opinions of Clay Maitland and do not necessarily reflect the views of the staff and management of Maritime TV, or its parent network, TV Worldwide, Inc.
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