Clay Maitland, Chairman


Clay Says Sea Year at Kings Point Critical to Prepare for “Military Confrontation” He Sees Coming

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In this expanded 85th edition in the series addressing the Kings Point Sea Year issue in detail, Clay says immediate reinstatement of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Sea Year aboard commercial ships is vital to being prepared for what he sees as an upcoming “military confrontation”, potentially in the Far East. This extensive interview was recorded on January 5, 2017 prior to the announcement by DOT Secretary Anthony Fox that reinstatement of Sea Year would be phased in over time. However, Clay makes the case that incoming DOT Secretary Elaine Chao should move immediately to fully re-instate Sea Year at the USMMA because of the critical importance of the training aboard commercial ships to the proper preparation of Merchant Marine officers for the military transportation support they will need to provide in response to the crisis he sees on the horizon. He closes with a discussion on why the U.S. Merchant Marine is required to serve as a Naval Auxiliary in time of national crisis an
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