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Piracy Mitigation Strategies – A Video Webcast Series
December 2012 - December 2013

Maritime TV, the maritime industry’s Internet TV channel is producing together with Piracy Daily, a live, interactive 10-part webcast series addressing international piracy, “Piracy Mitigation Strategies  – A Video Webcast Series”  December 2012- December 2013. The series is produced live from the studios of Maritime TV near Washington D.C. in addition to other venues.

The live webcast can be viewed by Maritime TV’s national and international audience of thousands of maritime professionals in industry, government and academia and will be on-demand for one year on Maritime TV.

Episode 6: Piracy off the Coast of West Africa

Webcast, Tuesday, September 17, 2013
2:00 PM from Maritime TV Studios near Washington, D.C.


Guest Panelists include:

Captain Pottengal Mukundan is Director of the International Maritime Bureau (IMB)

Robert M. Gauvin is the Executive Director of Piracy Policy in the Office of Vessel Activities at the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters. A graduate of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, Mr. Gauvin is  responsible for long-range projects of national and international concerns involving U.S. and foreign vessel commercial operations.

Dr. John A.C. Cartner is the author of the invaluable work of reference, The International Law of the Shipmaster. He practices maritime and international law in Washington, D.C. and London.

Captain William H. Watson is the president of AdvanFort International, a world leader among Private Maritime Security Companies. He also serves on the Maritime Working Group steering committee of the U.S. State Department's Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) and is a member of Oceans Beyond Piracy Working Group.

Maritime piracy remains a significant problem around the world, threatening the lives of seamen while carrying a price tag of about $6-7 billion a year. That sum includes both monies lost and stolen and that spent on international security efforts that have proven to be necessary to stanch where possible the challenge created by these maritime marauders.  

Today West African piracy seems to be eclipsing that off the coast of Somalia, although the threat in the East remains real—Hollywood and other cinema centers helping to underscore just how bad the threat was, and could be again if attention wanes on the Gulf of Aden. In June, the annual Human Cost of Maritime Piracy report underscored the fact that more seafarers were attacked in West African waters than off Somalia’s coast in 2012. Amidst this rise in piracy and armed robbery—31 incidents as of early August, including four hijackings— the International Maritime Bureau (IMB) underscores the surge in kidnappings at sea, with a wide range of types of vessels being targeted.

Maritime TV and Piracy Daily are very pleased to webcast this panel with us four expert analysts of a dangerous situation that maritime owners, operators, and crew are all seeking to better understand as they guard against being the next victims.

Episode 5: Floating Armories


As Part 5 of its continuing Video Webcast series on Piracy Mitigation Strategies, on June 20, 2013, Maritime TV produced a webcast on the emerging "floating armory" debate as the strategy affects counter-piracy operations, which is now available for free viewing.  

Guest Panelists include:

Martin Edwin "Mick" Andersen
Editor-in-Chief, Piracy Daily, Moderator

Ms. Donna Hopkins
Coordinator, Counter Piracy and Maritime Security 
Bureau of Political-Military Affairs (PM/CPMS)
U.S. Department of State

Will Watson, Advanfort

John A.C. Cartner, Master Mariner

The webcast was produced in close timing with the release of a new white paper from Dr. Cartner entitled,

Critical questions governing the use of armed guards in the fight against maritime piracy

Episode 4: Update of Efforts to Combat Piracy


Episode 3: Training for Piracy Encounters


Episode 2: Maritime Security: Today's Victories and Tomorrow's Challenges


Episode 1: Piracy: How Real is the Threat?




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