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“NAMEPA Annual General Meeting 2017
October 26, 2017 - 5:30pm

Hornblower Infinity
353 West Street
Pier 40
New York, NY”

Winner’s Circle- Senior Leadership Roundtable

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Joe Hughes, NAMEPA Chairman and CEO/Chairman, Shipowners Claims Bureau (The American Club)

Petros Achtypis, Chief Executive Officer, Prevention at Sea Robert Bugbee, President and Director, Scorpio Tankers and Scorpio Bulkers

CDR Keith Donohue, IMO Consultant, RAC/REMPEITC-Caribe

Mauricio Garrido, President, T&T Salvage, LLC

Captain Bob Hall, Managing Partner, MARPOL Training Institute

Dr. Alex Parker, Associate Professor of Oceanography, California State University Maritime Academy

Mona Swoboda, Project Coordinator Strategic Alliances, CIP-OAS

Jan-Willem van den Dijssel, Americas Lead, Cargill Ocean Transportation

Duncan Wilson, Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority
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NAMEPA Annual General Meeting 2017
October 26, 2017 - 5:30pm

Hornblower Infinity
353 West Street
Pier 40
New York, NY


  I.  Chariman's Welcome and Observations (Hughes)

 II.  Executive Director's Report on Activity (Lyden Walker)

III.  Financial Report (Harris)

IV.  Membership Review (Nicholas)

 V.  Program Development 

  • NAMEPA Events (Lyden Walker)
    • February - Houston "Focusing on Solutions" shipping event
    • March 12-14 - Stamford, CT CMA Conference
    • April - Canada regional event/BerMEPA event
    • May 22 - Washington DC National Maritime Day/Safety at Sea/AMVER
    • June 4-8 - Posidonia seminar with American Chamber of Commerce and Propeller Club of Piraeus
    • June 9 - Marina Cleanup Day
    • September 15 - International Coastal Cleanup Day
    • October - North American World Maritime Day, Mexico
    • October 25 - New York Marine Environment Protection Conference
  •  Global speaking opportunities across the marine industry (Lyden Walker)
  • Internship Program (Harris)
  • Strategic Alliances (Harris)

VI.  Education Overview (Harris/Lyden Walker)

  • Development of NAMEPA Chapters- high school and college

VII.  Strategic Positioning - 2017-18 (Lyden-Walker)

  • Sustainability - CSR Tool Kit for Members
  • CBT Program for Mariner/Shoreside Training
  • Marine Industry Guide
  • Increase Corporate & Association Membership
  • Build NAMEPA Chapter Program throughout North America
  • Update on BerMEPA (Paul Scope)
  • Update on CaribMEPA

VIII.  Affirmation of Officers and Directors (All)

IX.  Other Business (All)

X.  Adjourn

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Webcast Event Contact
Dave Gardy
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