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Secretary General, International Chamber of Shipping Managing Director, Ocean Nourishment Corportion VP Experience, OneOcean
Chief Scientist, ESRI CEO, Marinexplore Director, Bras d'Or Institute for Ecosystem Research
Engineer, Golder Associates Founder & Director, C.C. Global

Author & Consultant, High Tide on Main Street

Senior Advisor, Ocean Conservancy President, Senior Scientist Supprt & Development Director, ITOPF Ltd
Senior Scientist, Marine Acoustics, Inc. Louisbourg Seafoods Limited Executive Director, World Ocean Council
Executive Director, Hydrex    

World Ocean Council
Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) 2013
Thank you for your interest in the Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) 2013 - the only international, cross-sectoral ocean sustainability conference designed by and for the private sector.

The World Ocean Council's second SOS will be held in Washington D.C. to further advance leadership and collaboration among the diverse ocean business community in addressing marine environment and sustainability challenges. The SOS 2013 event builds on the highly successful SOS 2010, held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, which drew together more than 150 representatives from a wide range of ocean industries.

Why the Sustainable Ocean Summit?

The SOS is an unprecedented gathering of the ocean business community that catalyzes the growing interest among ocean businesses for more effective leadership, collaboration and business value in addressing shared ocean environmental challenges.

The SOS brings together the wide range of industries involved in the use of marine space and resources, including shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, ports, mining, renewable energy, tourism, dredging, marine science/technology, maritime law, insurance, finance, and others.

Who is organizing the Sustainable Ocean Summit?

The SOS is organized by the World Ocean Council (WOC) - the only international business leadership alliance on Corporate Ocean Responsibility.

A steadily growing number of companies from the wide range of ocean industries worldwide are distinguishing themselves as leaders in ocean stewardship and sustainability by becoming WOC Members.

The SOS Organizing Committee includes a diverse mix of leadership companies who are engaged in design and development of the event.

What will be on the Sustainable Ocean Summit program?

The conference will address priorities for cross-sectoral industry leadership and collaboration in ocean sustainability, including: ocean policy, regulations and governance; marine spatial planning; the role of industries in ocean and climate observations; biofouling and invasive species; fisheries and aquaculture interaction with other industries; cross-sectoral collaboration in responsible use of the Arctic; sound and marine life; cargo issues, port waste reception facilities and marine debris; marine mammal interactions; the role of finance, insurance and legal sectors in ocean sustainability.

Other cross-cutting topics critical to responsible industry operations in the marine environment will be developed as the program evolves.

SOS sessions will be designed to provide the state of the knowledge on these issues, including topic overviews, case studies and examples of best practices. The SOS is designed to advance the development and implementation of solutions by providing input to WOC priority-setting, programs and projects.

Limited opportunities are available for speakers to address the themes above. Experts and thought leaders interested in being considered as speakers are encouraged to contact the WOC.

Who will be attending the Sustainable Ocean Summit?

SOS participants are primarily the senior management responsible for environment and sustainability in companies and industry associations from a wide range of ocean industries. Other ocean stakeholders are welcome to participate, e.g. senior representatives of international organizations, government agencies, academic/research institutions and non-government organizations.

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