Clay Maitland, Chairman


Clay Tackles the Issue of CBP's Restrictive I.D. Requirements for U.S. Seafarers Going Ashore

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In this 99th edition in the series, Clay addresses the issue of the U.S. Custom and Border Protection’s restrictive policy of preventing U.S. Seafarers on U.S. Flag ships from going ashore in U.S. ports until a CBP officer can go aboard the ship to make a positive visual I.D. of the seafarers themselves, and their TWIC cards in-person. In many cases, this in-person visit is delayed because in many ports, there aren’t enough CBP personnel to make the positive I.D. after the ship arrives. Clay makes the point that since CBP is granted a minimum four day (96 Hour) advance notice of arrival with all U.S. seafarer identity info and TWIC card data, it is unnecessary to delay U.S. Seafarers shore access until a CBP officer can visit the ship to do the in-person ID check.
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